Baby Milestones


image This is my running log (partially reconstructed from my Baby 365 Project) of major Milestones in Mackenzie’s life, or in my life as a Scientology Parent.

Date Age Milestone
8/23/09 0 Mackenzie is born. 8lbs 13 oz., 20.5” tall.
8/25/09 3 Days Brought home from the Hospital.
8/28/09 6 Days First time we brought Mackenzie outside.
8/29/09 7 Days Mackenzie’s first bath.
8/30/09 8 Days First ride outside in a stroller.
9/8/09 17 Days First time daddy gets to feed her (up till now, only breastmilk – this is when we got the pump).
9/10/09 19 Days First good recognition of color (was intently studying the Scientology materials binders we had on the shelf)
9/12/09 21 Days First Scientology event – Auditors Day 2009 at FCDC.  Totally serene & interested throughout.
9/13/09 22 Days First use of the BabyBjorn – to help Daddy work.
9/17/09 26 Days First smiles – all while she’s asleep.

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