Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

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Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

At the Scientology VM Tent , originally uploaded by tadnkat.

This weekend, Mackenzie & I spent some time helping out at the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent, down by the Washington Monument in DC.

Mackenzie loved helping me tour people through the tent, speaking up with “Da dah dah dah dah!!” while I was explaining the works that the Scientology Disaster Response corps has done in Haiti, etc. People found it very entertaining.

Nearly all of the people we toured through the tent were from outside the US – usually way outside the USA.

One couple that I toured was from Saudi Arabia, and they were very interested in the translated materials we have available in Arabic. It can sometimes be very difficult for people in Saudi Arabia to get materials that have any kind of religious background different than that of the ruling Islamic state.

Another girl that I talked to who contacted me via my website is also from Saudi Arabia, and desperately was trying to get hold of materials from the Scientology Handbook. Her parents were shunning her and preventing her from even leaving the house, due to her interest in what possibly could be another religious belief, so she was having a bit of a rough time. The first piece of Scientology technology which she was able to use was simply using the Affinity-Reality-Communication Triangle. Simply findihg a point where she and her parents agreed (reality) and then communicating about it brought about increased affinity and ability to further bring their varying beliefs to a discussable level of parity.

Sometimes the very simplest of things can make all the difference in a person’s life!


Locational Assists – Good for Babies, Good for Haiti Grief Counselling


Laughing Locational, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Any Scientology parent will tell you that one of most useful pieces of Scientology technology to have around a baby is the locational assist. This is an incredibly simple procedure in which one can take a person (or little person) who has their attention too fixated on something and make them able to unfix their attention and proceed on with life.

It works great on babies – we do it with ours any time she even gets a little fussy, with the result that our baby basically never gets to a state where she’s crying. She always has her mental facilities about her.

But this is just as important for the relief workers who are in Haiti, as when you have life problems cranked up to a massive order of magnitude (lost loved ones, collapsed houses, etc) it becomes of primary importance (after first aid of course) to get people back to square zero with all of their mental faculties about them and ready to move on.

Day 92 | Peeking out at Passers-by at the Scientology VM Tent

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Dressed up in her fuzziest outfit & hat, Mackenzie accompanied me on the Metro down to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent at the National Mall. She was nice & warm, but also developed some of the cutest rosy cheeks from peeking out at passers-by on the Mall.

This tent was put up by my folks at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent at the National Mall

Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent at the National Mall

Day 85 | Mackenzie at the Scientology VM Tent

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Today I went down to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Tent to volunteer for a while helping people with their day-to-day problems. Mackenzie was on full-time duty cheering everybody up, and was all smiles & chuckles to anyone who came near us. It wasn’t until the end of the day when they started breaking up the tent that I got the idea to take a photo, and at that point she finally decided to pass out.

Mackenzie at the Scientology VM Tent

It was a great day though.   Totally awesome weather for a 15th of November (something like 68°F all day & sunny) and we got to help a whole bunch of people with solutions to day-to-day problems in their lives.   While I was there we helped several people relieve stress in their day with some Scientology Assists, and some other couples improve their relationships with each other with some on-the-spot training in communication techniques.

Of course, Mackenzie was a big help, as sometimes all people need is a friendly face to help brighten their day up, and that’s something Mackenzie can provide in spades!  🙂