Day 62 | Wide-awake, & head up!

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Day 62 | Wide-awake, & head up!, originally uploaded by Tad Reeves.

Today was a pretty momentous day – as all of the sudden, Mackenzie wanted to have her head straight up! We started off on our hike with her head facing me, but then she wanted to look out, so I turned her around and she was able to keep her head up & looking around all on her own!


Day 53 | Cute Snugglette

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Day 53 | Cute Snugglette, originally uploaded by Tad & Kat Reeves.

She’s passed out after her evening bottle, and I’m trying to get some last-minute laptop time in.

Day 52 | Smiley with Daddy by the Fireplace

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It’s starting to get chilly & wet here in Northern Virginia, so we lit a good fire today with some of the walnut logs that the neighbors gave us. And our heater, while excellent for keeping the house warm, is also excellent at drying the place out, and giving Mackenzie a rough time breathing in the morning. So, we had an interesting combination of some heat, a full-blast humidifier, and the fireplace to give us a funny yet cozy ambiance tonight.

Day 51 | Bundled up for a Car Ride

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Bundled up for a Car Ride, originally uploaded by Tad & Kat Reeves.

Mackenzie all bundled up so she can get to and from the car in comfort.  Mommy was downtown helping at the Founding Church, and it’s down to around 46° all day today.  So we had to get her prepped, as its’ starting to get on the chillier side!

Day 50 | Harpers Ferry

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We had an amazing trip to Harpers Ferry this weekend, and it was nearly impossible to pick out a photo that would do justice to the day.

Here’s a map of where we were for the day, and here is a slideshow of the days photos.

Day 49 | Sporting Sweat Suits!

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Mommy & Mackenzie put on sweat suits for a jaunt around the back yard today. Starting to get a tiny bit chilly here in Virginia – or at least chillier than we were experiencing in LA. Thank goodness!

Day 48 | Incantations in her Sleep

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A part of our routine at night is that mommy pumps while daddy feeds her a bottle and then she grunts and burps and then falls asleep.

But sometimes, while she’s falling asleep, she’ll just strike out with her hands and give us some crazy incantations like the one pictured here. 🙂

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