Having a Happy Baby Course

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I had to share some of the fun I’m currently having, doing the Having a Happy Baby course at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC.  My wife an I did a fairly good job across our first year with Mackenzie, and now with a baby boy on the way, we wanted to both take advantage of this newly-released course at the Church to get a good grounding simple things we can do to make the next one come out as good as the first.

Life Improvement Courseroom in the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, DC

This course is one of a whole plethora of basic courses of study which can be done in any Church of Scientology in the world, and are based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and center very specifically on various areas of life where Scientology can be of assistance.  This one, of course, deals with how to make a happy baby – both before and immediately after the baby is born.

The course isn’t meant to replace medical training or texts on the subject, but rather gives simple basics in areas that I’ve found are seriously lacking in other gigantic and ponderous texts that I’ve accumulated in my first year of parenting.

Here are some of the things included in the course:

  • imageHow disagreements, anger, and stress in the workplace of the mother can affect the child, and what to do about it.
  • Simple basics on nutrition and medication vital for the expecting mother.
  • How making a happy, healthy mommy affects the production of a health, happy baby.
  • What daddy should be doing immediately after the baby is born.
  • How to help mom recover quickly from the effects of childbirth.

There are tons of other things, but that’s a quick few things just off the top of my head.  L. Ron Hubbard had an intense love of children and intense care that they be raised well, and as such wrote continually about how various aspects of Scientology should be applied to children and childbirth – both to help the mother, and the new child.  So, it’s quite amazing to see all of these data come into play in one package in this course.  I’ve even read a number of these before in various books and essays, but as my mind was not on having a baby when reading them at the time, it’s really quite a different experience to get them all as compiled in this book.

One quote which I particularly liked, that I read today, is this one on Welcoming the Newborn:

Scientology parents make the baby part of the family at once.  They start talking to the baby.  They usually make very, very sure that the baby didn’t have a rough passage prenatally and that the baby had a decent and easy birth.

When a child arrives, the normal thing they tell the child is, “Well, how are you?  Glad you’re here.”

And you’d think offhand that this would simply be fond parental belief that the child was answering up, but it isn’t.  It’s amazing.

You tell a little baby, if you’re its parent, “We’re going to keep you.  It’s okay.  We’re going to keep you.”  And you always get a sigh!  They’re so happy about that.  It’s such a relief to them.

— L. Ron Hubbard

Really, my hat is off to Mr. David Miscavige for persevering through the work to restore the Scientology Basics, as that’s what allowed all this compilation work to take place in the first place.

If you haven’t checked out any of these new Scientology Life Improvement courses, I’d definitely give them a look!  Even if you aren’t in the market for a happy baby like we are!


Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

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Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

At the Scientology VM Tent , originally uploaded by tadnkat.

This weekend, Mackenzie & I spent some time helping out at the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent, down by the Washington Monument in DC.

Mackenzie loved helping me tour people through the tent, speaking up with “Da dah dah dah dah!!” while I was explaining the works that the Scientology Disaster Response corps has done in Haiti, etc. People found it very entertaining.

Nearly all of the people we toured through the tent were from outside the US – usually way outside the USA.

One couple that I toured was from Saudi Arabia, and they were very interested in the translated materials we have available in Arabic. It can sometimes be very difficult for people in Saudi Arabia to get materials that have any kind of religious background different than that of the ruling Islamic state.

Another girl that I talked to who contacted me via my website is also from Saudi Arabia, and desperately was trying to get hold of materials from the Scientology Handbook. Her parents were shunning her and preventing her from even leaving the house, due to her interest in what possibly could be another religious belief, so she was having a bit of a rough time. The first piece of Scientology technology which she was able to use was simply using the Affinity-Reality-Communication Triangle. Simply findihg a point where she and her parents agreed (reality) and then communicating about it brought about increased affinity and ability to further bring their varying beliefs to a discussable level of parity.

Sometimes the very simplest of things can make all the difference in a person’s life!

Eight Months Old

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Yesterday, Mackenzie turned 8 months old.

We did have a major milestone this month, in that Mackenzie all of the sudden finally started crawling. She’s been about double her age in every other metric since birth, except for this crawling business — where she’s been a little – well – lazy. 🙂

But with the explosion of cuteness that crawling brings, I had every intention of shooting a fun 8-months-old photo for my Baby 365 Project. However, I had a long work day, and so did Kat – so all I ended up getting off on Friday was this photo of us walking around the back yard while Kat prepped the diaper bag in the morning.

So today, I aimed to rectify the situation with a bike ride to Kirby Park, with MV in the trailer. All went great – Mackenzie dialed in to maximum cuteness when all of the sudden it started raining. Argh! I literally only got one shot off before we had to pile back into the trailer and go home.

But still – I’m thinking this month should be the biggest game-changer for us, as she’s gone from just-barely-crawling, to crawling-all-over-the-bloody-place-at-high-speed. And she’s standing on her own on occasion for 1-2 seconds at a time, so our guesses are that by this time next month, we’ll have some standing-on-her-own action, with full-on walking by 10 months. Hopefully so!

Stress-Free Baby!

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Stress-Free Baby!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Now that is a stress-free baby!

Mackenzie was down with Kat on the mall, helping out at the Dianetics table set up down at the Cherry Blossom festival. She’s just about the most stress-free, problem-free baby that anyone’s ever seen, so of course Kat was getting asked if the Baby was getting Dianetics.

Her answer was no – the Baby hasn’t been getting Dianetics – but the parents have! Via applying Dianetics principles to have a stress-free pregnancy, to addressing the delivery itself with Dianetics, we’ve managed to avoid any semblance of post-partum depression or other associated issues, and have also resulted in one of the most stress-free babies you’ll ever see!

Now THAT is an Aware Baby!

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Ever since she was first born, we’ve been getting comments that Mackenzie is the most aware baby they’ve ever seen. That’s an attribute she’s not shed in her first 7 months – she’s only become more aware, more alert, and just as happy.

Reflecting on things we’ve done as parents which could have contributed to that, there are a few factors which come up:

(a) No Drugs: Out of the 25 babies who were in the recovery room at the hospital when Mackenzie was born, Mackenzie was the only one that was born entirely natural, and with no drugs of any sort. We had a great midwife who had just given birth totally naturally to a set of twins, and was all for just working with my wife’s willingness to get that baby out. Even though there’s debate on how much the drugs such as an epidural, etc actually pass to the baby – the empirical evidence is that when momma had drugs, babies were less alert, less communicative, and less “there”. Now, as a Scientologist, I don’t debate that when you’ve medically got to have drugs to make the delivery go, you do whatever is necessary in the interest of the health of the mother and the baby. But in our case, it worked out great.

(b) Happy Household: In Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard describes the massive effects a happy household can have on the health of a baby – and conversely, the detrimental effects on a baby’s health and happiness when the parents fight. My wife and I use Scientology to solve all of our day-to-day problems with communication, and haven’t had the occasion to fight at all since Mackenzie was born, or during the pregnancy.

I’m sure there are other factors – ones that Mackenzie herself can take the credit for – but the ones above I think are significant.

Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!

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Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

If you view the larger size, you can see two little bottom teeth coming in to that jaw. Bam!

The upside is that she’s getting her teeth in a relatively painless way – the gums split and then the teeth came in, instead of the gum-cutting, blood-splattering, really-painful style that some baby teeth come in.   The downside is that my days of bragging about 8 hours of continuous sleep every night are at a close.  She now does wake up and need some attention in the middle of the night.

However, once again, the magic ingredient is the Scientology locational assist.   Calms her down within 20-30 seconds usually, and then we’re back to bed.  Bam!

Day 161 | Bundled up for the Quebec Grand Opening

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Although it was about 1°F in Quebec for the opening of the new Church of Scientology of Quebec, we had no problem bundling up Mackenzie sufficiently so that she could enjoy the festivities. About 1,500 other Scientologists were there (according to ScientologyToday) and it was great to see how excited the French-speaking Scientology community was at what this new organization means to the community.

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