That’s my Soccer Chick!


That’s my Soccer Chick!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

It was this daddy’s dream come true yesterday.

I’ve had this idea since we found out Mackenzie was a girl that I’d be some day able to teach her how to play soccer.

Maybe 8 months old is a little early to be learning, but yesterday afternoon we were out in the back yard and decided to revel in the newly-mowed grass by kicking the soccer ball around. I was holding Mackenzie during the ordeal, and every time I trapped or kick the ball she just squealed with laughter and recognition.

It was almost a, “Dad I was hoping you guys would let me play soccer sometime!!”

Of course, when we let her down on the ground, she went for the ball and knew just what to do. 🙂


Eight Months Old

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Yesterday, Mackenzie turned 8 months old.

We did have a major milestone this month, in that Mackenzie all of the sudden finally started crawling. She’s been about double her age in every other metric since birth, except for this crawling business — where she’s been a little – well – lazy. 🙂

But with the explosion of cuteness that crawling brings, I had every intention of shooting a fun 8-months-old photo for my Baby 365 Project. However, I had a long work day, and so did Kat – so all I ended up getting off on Friday was this photo of us walking around the back yard while Kat prepped the diaper bag in the morning.

So today, I aimed to rectify the situation with a bike ride to Kirby Park, with MV in the trailer. All went great – Mackenzie dialed in to maximum cuteness when all of the sudden it started raining. Argh! I literally only got one shot off before we had to pile back into the trailer and go home.

But still – I’m thinking this month should be the biggest game-changer for us, as she’s gone from just-barely-crawling, to crawling-all-over-the-bloody-place-at-high-speed. And she’s standing on her own on occasion for 1-2 seconds at a time, so our guesses are that by this time next month, we’ll have some standing-on-her-own action, with full-on walking by 10 months. Hopefully so!

Stress-Free Baby!

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Stress-Free Baby!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Now that is a stress-free baby!

Mackenzie was down with Kat on the mall, helping out at the Dianetics table set up down at the Cherry Blossom festival. She’s just about the most stress-free, problem-free baby that anyone’s ever seen, so of course Kat was getting asked if the Baby was getting Dianetics.

Her answer was no – the Baby hasn’t been getting Dianetics – but the parents have! Via applying Dianetics principles to have a stress-free pregnancy, to addressing the delivery itself with Dianetics, we’ve managed to avoid any semblance of post-partum depression or other associated issues, and have also resulted in one of the most stress-free babies you’ll ever see!

Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!

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Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

If you view the larger size, you can see two little bottom teeth coming in to that jaw. Bam!

The upside is that she’s getting her teeth in a relatively painless way – the gums split and then the teeth came in, instead of the gum-cutting, blood-splattering, really-painful style that some baby teeth come in.   The downside is that my days of bragging about 8 hours of continuous sleep every night are at a close.  She now does wake up and need some attention in the middle of the night.

However, once again, the magic ingredient is the Scientology locational assist.   Calms her down within 20-30 seconds usually, and then we’re back to bed.  Bam!

Day 161 | Bundled up for the Quebec Grand Opening

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Although it was about 1°F in Quebec for the opening of the new Church of Scientology of Quebec, we had no problem bundling up Mackenzie sufficiently so that she could enjoy the festivities. About 1,500 other Scientologists were there (according to ScientologyToday) and it was great to see how excited the French-speaking Scientology community was at what this new organization means to the community.

Listening to the Dianetics Audiobook with the little one

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I’ve got the baby for the night tonight, as Kat is in DC on study at the Church of Scientology in DC. So, I decided to do some study tonight as well, on the Dianetics Audiobook. She’s just been sitting there, interestedly listening ever since I fired it up. Great! She’s going to be more conversant with Dianetics than any other 4 month old!

Day 141 | Do Scientologists think too much can love spoil a child?

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Day 141 | She’s Become Part of Me, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard once wrote,

“Affection could no more spoil a child than the sun could be put out by a bucket of gasoline.”
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

I’m only seeing that be more and more true, the more affectionate this girl gets. She is just fantastic.

And the photo credit here goes to my wife, who’s just getting better & better at capturing the moment.  Both of us are taking up a study of photography now.   L. Ron Hubbard was a consummate photographer, who loved the subject, and wrote quite a bit on not only how to succeed at photography or cinematography, but why you go about doing it in the first place.   He wrote once,

“This is the attitude you must have…’I’m the person who’s going to shoot this picture.  This picture’s going to do you a lot of good.  When I shoot them, they’re good.'”  — LRH

Well, the photo above will definitely be doing Mackenzie some good – I already have people telling me to save it to give back to her on her wedding day!

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