Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

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Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

At the Scientology VM Tent , originally uploaded by tadnkat.

This weekend, Mackenzie & I spent some time helping out at the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent, down by the Washington Monument in DC.

Mackenzie loved helping me tour people through the tent, speaking up with “Da dah dah dah dah!!” while I was explaining the works that the Scientology Disaster Response corps has done in Haiti, etc. People found it very entertaining.

Nearly all of the people we toured through the tent were from outside the US – usually way outside the USA.

One couple that I toured was from Saudi Arabia, and they were very interested in the translated materials we have available in Arabic. It can sometimes be very difficult for people in Saudi Arabia to get materials that have any kind of religious background different than that of the ruling Islamic state.

Another girl that I talked to who contacted me via my website is also from Saudi Arabia, and desperately was trying to get hold of materials from the Scientology Handbook. Her parents were shunning her and preventing her from even leaving the house, due to her interest in what possibly could be another religious belief, so she was having a bit of a rough time. The first piece of Scientology technology which she was able to use was simply using the Affinity-Reality-Communication Triangle. Simply findihg a point where she and her parents agreed (reality) and then communicating about it brought about increased affinity and ability to further bring their varying beliefs to a discussable level of parity.

Sometimes the very simplest of things can make all the difference in a person’s life!


Day 258 | New Passion: Climbing Stairs

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Mackenzie has a new passion: climbing stairs.

We went out to the park on Saturday while mommy was at the Alexandria Mission, and more than anything else, MV wanted to continually tackle stairs of any sort. First, she wanted me tl lead her over them in a standing position several times, and then she’d want to try them on her own, crawling.

As anyone who was then at the Dianetics Anniversary event at the Scientology Church in Washington DC can attest, Mackenzie was then, again, scaling the stairs non-stop until she ran out of gas. 🙂

Beautiful Baby

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Beautiful Baby, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

I can’t get over this photo. Yes, I know I’m the daddy, and I’m meant to think my daughter is cute, but honestly!!! She was just around the playground hanging out on the bars and doing these supercute baby poses. Should I be considering getting her into baby modeling?

West Cornerstone Park

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Mackenzie wanted to go for a walk this morning with me while Mommy slept. By ‘wanted’ I’m referring to a new, demanding yell & grunting show she puts on when she really wants to go outside, and you don’t seem to be listening. 🙂

The park pictured here is West Cornerstone Park in Falls Church/Arlington, VA – the site of what formerly was the Western cornerstone of the District of Columbia, before it was retroceded back to Virginia.

That’s my Soccer Chick!


That’s my Soccer Chick!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

It was this daddy’s dream come true yesterday.

I’ve had this idea since we found out Mackenzie was a girl that I’d be some day able to teach her how to play soccer.

Maybe 8 months old is a little early to be learning, but yesterday afternoon we were out in the back yard and decided to revel in the newly-mowed grass by kicking the soccer ball around. I was holding Mackenzie during the ordeal, and every time I trapped or kick the ball she just squealed with laughter and recognition.

It was almost a, “Dad I was hoping you guys would let me play soccer sometime!!”

Of course, when we let her down on the ground, she went for the ball and knew just what to do. 🙂

“It’s an Umbrella!”

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"It’s an Umbrella!", originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Mackenzie met a friend at the park today, an adorable 2-yr-old named Caroline who was instructing her that the small shuttlecock she was holding was actually "an umbrella".

Can’t Get Enough Sunset Light

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Sunset Light 2, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

We went up to see Mackenzie’s great-grandmother over the weekend, and got to playing around her place up in Pennsylvania. Beautiful day, beautiful light!

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