She puts the “Youth” in “Youth for Human Rights”

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We were out this past weekend doing some work with the local Youth for Human Rights chapter here in Washington, D.C. We want Human Rights to be taught as a subject in schools so that everyone is educated on and understands the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This is one of the outreach campaigns that is supported by our local Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C..


Day 155 | 5 Months Old


Day 155 | 5 Months Old, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Boy how time files! She’s 5 months old now as of this past Saturday.

State of the Baby address:

Vocalization Status: Favourite terms are “dag dag dag dag dag”, “glaaaaa”, “jai jai jai” and “aaaaahhhaaaaaah!!”. Very verbal, very cute.

Mobility Status: She still isn’t sitting up by herself, devotes most of her time trying to stand up if you’re holding her. Will stand up while you hold her hands, sometimes holding only one hand. Loves to jump in her jumper, or in your lap.

Rotation Status:Will turn over from front to back about 3 seconds after you put her on her stomach. Can turn over back to front as well, but not as fast.

Food Intake Status: Vaporizes approximately 10-15oz of breastmilk and 10-15oz of formula per day, and has started really taking to french fries, potato wedges, LOVES apple butter and grapes, and will obliterate a buttered english muffin.

Specific Gravity / Height: We don’t know, haven’t bothered to measure her in close to 2 months. At 3 months old she was in the 90th percentile on weight, 95th percentile on height, and she’s definitely outgrown a TON of clothes since then. 3 month clothes definitely don’t fit, 6 month clothes don’t fit 50% of the time, usually a good fit is 9-12 month clothes.

Health Status: Still hasn’t even come CLOSE to getting sick.

Locational Assists – Good for Babies, Good for Haiti Grief Counselling


Laughing Locational, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Any Scientology parent will tell you that one of most useful pieces of Scientology technology to have around a baby is the locational assist. This is an incredibly simple procedure in which one can take a person (or little person) who has their attention too fixated on something and make them able to unfix their attention and proceed on with life.

It works great on babies – we do it with ours any time she even gets a little fussy, with the result that our baby basically never gets to a state where she’s crying. She always has her mental facilities about her.

But this is just as important for the relief workers who are in Haiti, as when you have life problems cranked up to a massive order of magnitude (lost loved ones, collapsed houses, etc) it becomes of primary importance (after first aid of course) to get people back to square zero with all of their mental faculties about them and ready to move on.

Day 123 | Four Months Old

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Day 123 | Four Months Old, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Sorry that I’ve been remiss in keeping this blog up – I’ve been so busy keeping up with work, with my studies at the Scientology Church in DC, and with my amazing four-month-old, that I’ve had little chance to write!

Mackenzie has been getting more and more communicative, but has stayed serene, healthy and alert – much to the astonishment of other parents I’ve run across.

Day 115 | She LOVES standing up!

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Day 115 | She LOVES standing up!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Wow – now after only 24 hours since she first asked to stand up, she now demands to stand up at every available juncture, and loves it! Prediction: I’ll bet she’s walking before she learns there’s even such a thing as crawling.

I can’t wait to show her Aunt Morgan and Grandma her new bag of tricks when we go down to Clearwater to see them for Christmas!

Day 114 | Ability Regained! MV takes to her feet!

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Today we had a wild surprise: an intense will to stand up!!

After she slept most of the day today, we took Mackenzie in to the Scientology Church in DC for our Monday meeting. She’s usually been fine with us carrying her around facing out, but today she all of the sudden started arching her back and complaining up a storm until I finally decided to just put her down on her feet and let her stand up — which was the exact item! And whilst we’ve never previously gotten her to put weight on her feet for more than 3 seconds at a time, she decided to just put her foot down tonight and stood up for several minutes straight on about 3 different occasions while we were there!

Awesome! Ability regained!

Now, she hasn’t yet even managed to be able to stay seated by her self, and needs major support to stay on her feet, but she definitely communicated today that sitting is over-rated and she’d prefer to just start walking around like the rest of us. 🙂

Mackenzie the Landmark Lifetime Member

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Mackenzie got her first commendation from the IAS, for becoming a Lifetime Member of the International Association of Scientologists at the 25th Anniversary of the IAS. She was a bit overwhelmed at all of the people clapping for her so wasn’t at her tippety top bubbliest, but certainly liked the idea of playing with & drooling on the fancy pin she got!

Thanks to @eringravitt for taking the photo. I unkindly just flung my camera into her hands as we went up to get the award, and unfortunately the settings were all messed up so the photo was taken with bizzarre flash & exposure settings making it look like we were getting an award in the Bat Cave. However, Adobe Camera Raw came to the rescue and luckily it came out looking just dandy.

Mackenzie flaunting her new IAS Pin

Mackenzie flaunting her new IAS Pin

However, what I failed to get a picture of was the lovely way that the banquet hall was set up at the Founding Church.   The new building of the DC Church of Scientology has a great chapel which was designed as a multifunction room, so that it could be set up for church services, and then reconfigured to host a swanky banquet like was held at this occasion.  It was really quite nice, and just highlighted for me the outstanding attention to detail of this building.

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