Beautiful Baby

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Beautiful Baby, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

I can’t get over this photo. Yes, I know I’m the daddy, and I’m meant to think my daughter is cute, but honestly!!! She was just around the playground hanging out on the bars and doing these supercute baby poses. Should I be considering getting her into baby modeling?


West Cornerstone Park

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Mackenzie wanted to go for a walk this morning with me while Mommy slept. By ‘wanted’ I’m referring to a new, demanding yell & grunting show she puts on when she really wants to go outside, and you don’t seem to be listening. 🙂

The park pictured here is West Cornerstone Park in Falls Church/Arlington, VA – the site of what formerly was the Western cornerstone of the District of Columbia, before it was retroceded back to Virginia.

“It’s an Umbrella!”

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"It’s an Umbrella!", originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Mackenzie met a friend at the park today, an adorable 2-yr-old named Caroline who was instructing her that the small shuttlecock she was holding was actually "an umbrella".

Can’t Get Enough Sunset Light

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Sunset Light 2, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

We went up to see Mackenzie’s great-grandmother over the weekend, and got to playing around her place up in Pennsylvania. Beautiful day, beautiful light!

New Word: “Light!!”

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New Word: "Light!!", originally uploaded by tadnkat.

A new skill added to her repertoire today, and a new word as well: “Light!!”

Today Mackenzie learned not only how to turn off the light, but how to turn it on as well! Lots of dexterity required for such a delicate operation, and now turning the lights on & off provides hours of fun! 🙂

And the new addition brings her distinct-use vocabulary up to 5 words which she can use discriminately:

“dat!!!” or “cat” (cat)
“dedackt” (kitty cat)
“dag” (dog)
“dadadadadada” (daddy)
“ba!” (boob, mom or bottle)
“light!” (light – said with exquisite diction)

Day 238 | She’s crawling!!!

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Day 238 | She’s crawling!!!

Originally uploaded by tadnkat

Of course as luck would have it, the first time Mackenzie actually puts it all together and crawls across the floor, I happen to be away at work. Argh!

She’s had many different suproducts of this up until this point – being up on all fours, doing funny reverse butt-slides across the floor, doing the lobster push, etc – but now, finally, real-life crawling!

Taking a rest

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Taking a rest, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

While momma slept in this morning, Mackenzie & I took a long walk in the back yard. Holding her hands, I walked her all the way out to that little tree you can see in the background! She’s starting to get the hang of it – and is exercising all kinds of new muscles in the process!

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