The video above is from almost a year ago, when Mackenzie was only 3 days old, and on our first night home I was singing to her in an attempt to put her to sleep.  She instead was watching me interestedly, and didn’t end up going to sleep until much later, but we at least got to share a pretty precious moment together as father & daughter.

I unfortunately got the idea in my head though, that she doesn’t go to sleep when I sing to her, so I’ve barely tried to sing her to sleep since then.  But tonight, she was climbing all over the bed (climbing on EVERYTHING, really) so I gave it another whirl and sang her “A Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night“.   She fell asleep during the last verse.  It was just too precious, and was another one of those awesome father-daughter things where she was beaming at me all the way until her eyelids fell down and she went to sleep.

Now, while that was indeed wonderful — I’m in a bind.  What other great songs are there that a daddy can sing as a lullaby?   Good, memorable folk tunes would be best — i.e. not just Metallica’s One sung softly.  🙂   Definitely am open for suggestions.