Today MV said her first words! Up until now, the best we’ve gotten are test sounds like “Ngaa” and “Adaai“.

But this afternoon, Mackenzie was busy chattering away to me after I changed her diaper, so I figured I’d get her into something more comfortable and with less drool on it.

So, I was busy changing her into the lovely purple uniform you see here, and told her that I was going to also put on her cute brown Gap cargo pants so she can be MV Warm Butt. She smiled at that, so I repeated it for her and said, “yes! Warm Butt!” She then immediately repeated back to me, and with nearly perfect duplication, “Warm Butt!” — and then laughed about it. I about went exterior!

No doubt about it – that was not a coincidence, that was an utterance of controlled sound in duplication of what I said. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my good camera on me, just my iPhone – so all you get is a still of her planning her next outburst.