Day 46 | Dancing to Beastie Boys

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Tonight, Mackenzie was getting a little bit fussy. So, I started trying to sing to her. That didn’t work. I tried swing dancing with her, and that didn’t work. Then, I put on Beastie Boys – and for some reason, that worked. She started rocking out, making ill moves and showing us that dogs love her because she’s crazy-sniffable!

I’ve misplaced the video for this, but it’s a classic.


Day 45 | Big Baby Yawn

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Day 45 | Big Baby Yawn

Originally uploaded by Tad & Kat Reeves

I hope we’re not too bizarre as parents, but we like taking photos & video of Mackenzie all the time. Even when she’s not doing much else interesting besides yawning. 🙂

Day 47 | She Found her Thumb!

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After about a month of searching, Mackenzie finally found her thumb today. And the verdict? Awesome!

She still will have a hard time finding it, and will prefer a bottle or your finger or a pacifier, but she’s still digging it.

Day 44 | Laughing Baby

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Day 44 | Laughing Baby, originally uploaded by Tad & Kat Reeves.

One time where you’re guaranteed to get laughs out of Mackenzie is after her night-time meal, and before bed. She’s always just in a giggly mood!

Day 43 | Out for a stroll at Mason Neck

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Day 43 | Out for a stroll, originally uploaded by Tad & Kat Reeves.

We had an outstanding afternoon at Mason Neck today, experiencing the sunset by the water.

Day 42 | Baby Blue Eyes in the Back Yard

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As Kat & I were enjoying the fall leaves changing their color in the back yard, Mackenzie was making so many cute poses I thought we were on a photo shoot.  More back yard pictures from that photo shoot are here.

Day 41 | Pretty in Purple

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Day 41 | Pretty in Purple, originally uploaded by Tad & Kat Reeves.

Mackenzie – sitting in our hammock and checking out the beginnings of fall leaves in the back yard. She’s also sporting her new barrettes that mommy bought her.

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